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We are a Wilmington based company specializing in helping talented wait staff meet their career objectives while providing companies with their staffing needs.

Temping is a great way to earn extra money while keeping the flexibility that you need.

  • Gain experience to become a professional in your industry.

  • You get paid an hourly rate - you get paid for what you work.

  • Assignments are interesting, varied and challenging.

  • You decide when and where you wish to work and choose your assignment to compliment your lifestyle.

  • Experience new ways to do things and consistently learn.

  • Meet industry peers and share interests.

  • As your current assignment concludes, we are planning for your next one.

  • As you are employed by Elegant Staffing, the payroll and all your government deductions are taken care of.

  • Every time you work a temporary assignment, there is a possibility for this to become permanent.

  • You also have the opportunity to experience a workplace before you choose to accept a permanent role.

Hiring Process:
Every applicant must satisfy our hiring procedures. This includes a detailed interview & selection process. Depending on the position you are applying for, a written skill assessment may be required. A final reference check will then address key factors such as reliability, honesty, attitude, energy, flexibility, experience and overall job competence.

Elegant Staffing provides staff to all function types, from a small private dinner or cocktail party, through to a large corporate event. We strive to maintain a well cultivated image, where a high level of presentation and customer service excellence is of utmost importance. All staff within this must attend Elegant Staffing in-house training.


Temporary Wait Staff and restaurant staff available for all occasions. We have job-ready candidates' at all professional levels.

Please select your upcoming event:

 • Private Party
 • Restaurants
 • Catering
 • Private Boats
 • Weddings
 • Business Meetings
 • Function

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Earn extra income temping. Our flexible work schedule will suit your needs. You will have the flexibility to plan and organize work around your commitments.

 • Paid hourly rate
 • Interesting Assignments
 • In-House Training

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